Chicks mailed through the USPS for over 100 years.

Mail-Order Chicks: What You Need to Know

As a country-dwelling girl myself, the idea of ordering chicks by mail was a bit new to me! Not everyone has access to local farmers willing to sell you a few hatchlings. Thankfully, eFowl offers a diverse range of backyard poultry, all of which can be delivered right to your door. If you have considered […]

A How-To Guide On Integrating New Birds to your Chicken or Poultry Flock

Combining chickens or waterfowl is a lot like combining families, it takes time and patience and is best done in stages. flocks have hierarchies known as “pecking orders” which allows each bird a secure place in the family, but, when new members are introduced that is disturbed until a new pecking order is made and this process […]

Poultry Probiotic, Fowl Probiotic

How do Probiotics Work?

I had heard of probiotics before writing this article, just that they were in a lot of new yogurts I enjoy in the grocery store. Later I found that probiotics exist in all sorts of foods from grains to meat products. (Jim Core, Agricultural Research Service USDA) When I found out they made probiotics for […]

Day-Old Hatchlings Delivered by USPS

Ordering Fowl Online: Mail Order Birds

Nutrition From the Hatching Process The complexities of shipping live animals are always going to be difficult to overcome. Luckily, the United States Post Office has had decades of experience handling live chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and game birds. The USPS is able to mail day-old birds because the unique nature of hatching poultry. The […]