What’s the Buzz about Black Australorps?

Molting: It’s That Time Again

The peaceful air of fall steps softly forward to shake the hands of summer. Trees sigh and shake off their leaves, the apples sweeten,  carrots break the soil’s surface, a kaleidoscope of mums laughs in our yards, and the lawn and coop are strewn with whisps of feathers as if from a frenzied pillow fight. […]

Backyard Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop Checklist

8 Important Steps in Preparing Your Chicken Coop “Most people who keep backyard chickens do so because they want access to fresh eggs and a fun hobby. But I fear that a lot of would-be chicken keepers are put off and intimidated by the vast amount of information that there is for beginners to absorb. […]

Unusual Eggs from your Laying Hens

Uncommon Chicken Eggs and Laying Patterns in Your Flock

What is this weird egg!? Understanding miniature eggs and bloodspots, and when to be concerned. There really isn’t anything uncommon about uncommon looking eggs. Because of the biological demands that reproduction (egg-laying) has on hens, it’s not a surprise for them to experience a strange egg once in a while. Most abnormal eggs are once-offs, […]