The Chicken Coop Checklist

The Chicken Coop Checklist

8 Important Steps in Preparing Your Chicken Coop

“Most people who keep backyard chickens do so because they want access to fresh eggs and a fun hobby. But I fear that a lot of would-be chicken keepers are put off and intimidated by the vast amount of information that there is for beginners to absorb. Well… that’s how I felt!

I knew that I wanted to build my own coop; I’ve always enjoyed DIY projects. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m very good at them! When I started looking for advice and guides on building my coop I was overwhelmed by all the different poultry lingo and recommendations that experts were giving. That’s why I created this info graphic, to try and simplify the process a little bit and to show newcomers that a basic coop only needs a handful of features. You can add the bells and whistles later!”

-Jack S. ,

Chicken Coop Checklist
Making sure that your chicken coop is up to par for your flock is incredibly important for their health and egg production, especially during the winter months. Your chicks will be spending more time inside the coop so proper ventilation will become more important. Predators will be on the hunt as food becomes more scarce, and your hens will surely thank you for the proper insulation as those temperatures take a dive.

Click here to see the full blog on building your own chicken coop.

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